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The Shape of Global Peace: Chapter Seven – Hidden Treasure Revealed

Featured image is a schematic for computing Peace with and

Terma (Tibetan: གཏེར་མ་, Wylie: gter ma; “hidden treasure”) refers to the collection of technologies that use TBEN: Terma Biologic Emotion Notation in their operation. The “hidden treasure” is the insight that all human expression – including non-verbal behavior – is our signaling to each other about our state of inner balance.

Edge Question 2017:
What Scientific term or concept ought to be more widely known?

Beneath Conjugation Lies Treasure – Terma

  • All expression – including non-verbal behavior – is signalling about the state of my balance inside of me.
  • The signal always reveals the type of balance that interests me when I speak.
  • It reveals the direction I want to go to achieve re-balancing.
  • It reveals where I think I am relative to balance.

TBEN Names the Parts of Us Where We All Are the Same

  • Dynamical Circles: Smaller circles of our shared biological processes.
  • Pre-Emergent Circles: Terma names the parts of our shared balance circles that create our universally human emotional experiences.
  • Emergent Circle: The big circle that is the “me” of my consciousness.

TBEN Datatype is the Computable Foundation of Peace

  • Illustrating fundamental sameness can be automated using TBEN’s pointer to universally experienced emotions.
  • Enabling trust in all communications can be automated using TBEN’s pointer to feelings, goals and actions behind all information.

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