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The Shape of Global Peace: Chapter Eight – Emotional Balance Economy

Featured image is Yamantaka – the wrathful form of Manjushiri.

Terma Architecture can harness state-of-the-art-advertising-technology to create a emotional balance platform based on a new fundamental asset: Emotional Intelligence.

Destroyed: Financial Intelligence Assets – the Old Economic Good

Created: Emotional Intelligence Assets (EIA) – the New Economic Good

  • Individuals own their data – one unique Terma Record (like a medical record but more secure) – from cradle to grave.
    • User-controlled access recorded on a block chain.
    • Data comes from both work and play.
    • EIA portfolios for relationships, business, politics.
  • Corporations and businesses own algorithms; they clone and exploit automated context-specific TBEN-denominated recipes for:
    • Training any and all high-touch activities including sales and marketing.
    • Innovating conflict resolution strategies.
    • Developing diversity engagement.

We Have a Peace-Friendly Infrastructure

We Have a Peace-Friendly Business Model

The freemium model lets the haves keep having while the rest of us also benefit.


The Peace Denouement

  • We are alive to see it.
  • Billionaire backers reap a significant slice of ~4% of GDP.
  • Golden age of Eusociality.

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