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The Shape of Global Peace: Chapter Five – Empirical Balance

Featured image is the cover of E.O. Wilson’s book.

Selfishness and Altruism are NOT opposites; they are two points on a path that leads to something bigger. We have spontaneously created megalopolis and global trading. We are heading toward a balanced global Eusocial Humanity.

Empirical Activities of Balance

Our history reveals the functional shape of Eusocial living.

  1. Recognizing fundamental sameness
  2. Trusting all communication
  3. Expecting that we all see circular time
  4. Recognizing that “future” literally means “all children doing better”
  5. Adjusting that is self-organized
  6. Respecting boundaries that are socially defined

Empirical Consumption of Balance

Manifesto Actions

Manifesto Principles

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