My Career is My Body

Our scientific goal use to be to make the world intelligible to us. We use to presume that an intelligible world makes a peaceful world. But we have been using a defective foundation and we lost our way. We content ourselves settling for much less. Our science use to strive to make our world intelligible so that we could live better. Now we settle for making ever bigger interconnected theories regardless the consequences for our lives.

YouTube video (very long and technical):
Noam Chomsky on mind, language, and the limit of thought:

Chomsky Starting at 09:45
“As the impact of Newton’s discoveries was slowly absorbed, science simply lowered it goals in a manner that is now so routine that it’s unacknowledged. Scientists abandoned the animating idea of the early scientific revolution namely that the world is in principle intelligible to us and they restricted their goals to construction of theories that are intelligible.”

We have a defect in the foundation of our science. Since our culture rests entirely upon our science, this defect slants everything we do including making our most important choices.
  • Intelligibility Gap
    Our scientific theories are “intelligible” ONLY because they appear consistent with each other AFTER we place them next to each other within our mind . This is the meaning of “theories that are intelligible.” These kinds of scientific theories do NOT help us choose good love partners, raise our children well, or show us how to be kinder to one another. Theories that helped us in these ways would be helping us to see that our “world is in principle intelligible.”
  • Foundation Slant
    If I begin to feel defensive as I hear that science has a defect, I will quickly point to what science has given me and all of us. But even in my defensive pointing I unwittingly reveal the slant caused by the defective foundation upon which I defensively stand. My pointing is up and beyond towards the marvels of technology.  My pointing completely ignores what is below and behind in science’s wake. The global irreversible extinction-level degradation of our living space is all the result of our scientific theories. There can be no doubt about a foundation defect if in the name of science I am threatening my own existence.
  • Disconnect Effect
    This foundation defect touches every aspect of our living. It touches our young people and how they think about their future. Hear how Michael (not his real name) discovered that his career is what his body likes to do and not some scientific discipline he holds in his mind.

Intelligible to Michael
Length: 06:42 

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