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Our scientific goal use to be to make the world intelligible to us. We use to presume that an intelligible world makes a peaceful world. But we have been using a defective foundation and we lost our way. We content ourselves settling for much less. Our science use to strive to make our world intelligible so that we could live better. Now we settle for making ever bigger interconnected theories regardless the consequences for our lives.

YouTube video (very long and technical):
Noam Chomsky on mind, language, and the limit of thought:

Chomsky Starting at 09:45
“As the impact of Newton’s discoveries was slowly absorbed, science simply lowered it goals in a manner that is now so routine that it’s unacknowledged. Scientists abandoned the animating idea of the early scientific revolution namely that the world is in principle intelligible to us and they restricted their goals to construction of theories that are intelligible.”

We have a defect in the foundation of our science. Since our culture rests entirely upon our science, this defect slants everything we do including making our most important choices.

Intelligible to Michael
Length: 06:42

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