Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Fans Mourn Death of Original Trilogy Character

Modern Warfare 3 killed off a beloved character from the original trilogy... again.

Spoilers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be featured in this article.

Some Call of Duty fans are mourning the loss of an iconic character from the original trilogy. The Call of Duty series is probably best known for its fast-paced multiplayer, but it also has some really iconic campaigns. Fans will probably best know the stories of the Modern Warfare trilogy and the early Black Ops games, as that's when Call of Duty was really in its golden age. The original Modern Warfare trilogy was the perfect blend of drama and over-the-top action, allowing you to feel consistently engaged by both the story and the gameplay. The trilogy also packed a punch with some major deaths from both good guys and villains. 

The new rebooted Modern Warfare series has been a bit reluctant to kill people off. A lot of the characters that "died" have come back in various ways, even Zakhaev's son who was pushed down a missile silo and is now back in the Zombies storyline. However, Modern Warfare 3 appears to permanently kill off some beloved characters from the original series. Ironically, they're characters who also died in the original games, which leaves fans feeling even more heartbroken. The two biggest deaths in Modern Warfare 3 are Soap and General Shepherd. The latter is killed off in a post-credits cutscene by Captain Price, blaming the General for failing to kill Makarov which resulted in Soap's eventual death. However, the one really stinging people is Soap himself. He was properly re-introduced in last year's Modern Warfare 2 and was a fan-favorite thanks to his incredible chemistry with Ghost. This even prompted some to ask for a spin-off with just those two characters.

Sadly, it seems unlikely that will happen. Soap is killed by Makarov at the end of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 after Soap tries to save Price from being executed. Makarov manages to shoot Soap in the head and he is later cremated and given a funeral by Task Force 141. Of course, the character was also killed by Makarov in the original Modern Warfare 3 when he is blown out of a clock tower and is unable to be saved. Some fans argue that his death was handled better in the original game as it had more emotion behind it. The actor who plays Soap, Neil Ellice, also thanked fans for their love during his time in the role.