Nintendo Switch Online Gets Unexpected Free Download for Mario Fans

Nintendo Switch Online users have another free Mario download.

Mario fans subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online have received a rather unexpected free download. It's a great fall for Mario fans. Last month, they were treated to Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a game many are calling the best 2D Mario game in 30 years and a game that has left many Nintendo fans emotional. Meanwhile, out later this month is Super Mario RPG, which is sure to leave Nintendo fans in a similar emotional state with all its nostalgia. And if this wasn't enough for fans of Luigi's brother, WarioWare: Move It! is out today on Nintendo Switch. It's a busy time for Mario fans. And to accompany all of this there are some free downloads Mario fans won't want to miss. 

The latest of Super Mario Bros. Wonder free Nintendo Switch Online player icons have been released. This isn't a surprise because they've been releasing icons from the game since its release and telegraphed there would be multiple waves. What's surprising is that these aren't the only free icons being given to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers this week. Between now and next Thursday, there are also icons from the new WarioWare game. In fact there will be three waves. 

The new WarioWare game is more of a niche release, so the fact it's getting a three-wave run of Nintendo Switch Online icons is a bit surprising. What's more surprising though is it's happening alongside the Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons. It's not common for Nintendo to run this specific promotion for more than one game at the time. 

If you're interested in downloading any of the icons below, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and to splash some Platinum Points. Depending on what you're trying to claim, each download costs either five Platinum Points or ten Platinum Points. 

Once claimed, these icons are yours to keep, regardless of whether you maintain an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, they need to be claimed in the aforementioned window because once they are gone not only will they no longer be available, but they will likely never be made available again. 

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